I’m still that crazy-silly girl, but now I'm living out my passion by capturing candid moments of lovebirds, free-spirited couples, outdoor enthusiasts, and humans that just freakin’ love each other! If that’s you, then what are you waiting for?

Let me in on all your sweet moments and I’ll deliver on my promise–to tell your story through natural, lifestyle-like, photos that tug at the strings of your soul, make you walk down memory lane, and simply inspire you to find joy in the life you’ve created together as a couple. 

Be yourself, don’t be camera shy! And if you are, I’ll be your day-of bestie encouraging you, empowering you, and helping you feel confident in your skin. I don’t just show up to take photos, I show up to connect, add value to your relationship, and build a friendship that you can always count on

My photography journey began around 10 years ago when I started photographing my friends in high school. I would balance my camera on cement polls in the parking lot and quickly run in front of the lens to take a photo, crazyyy, but who would have known it would turn into a lifelong passion for me. A small dream fanned into flame my awesome career I get to live out today!


Relationship Lover, Memory Maker, and Adventure Seeker.

Hi! I’m Raquel king

“Allow me to capture the candid, raw moments that are naturally you. You’ll be in love with the “perfect” shot that follows. I am a true believer that the “perfect” shot is the one you’re not expecting.”
--Raquel King

To offer a custom, lifestyle-like, and candid photo session experiences to couples who are undeniably in love and who can’t do life without each other. And, to deliver photographs that will leave timeless and heart-warming memories.

MY mission

Respect - Treating you the way you should be treated, AMEN!
Quality - Going the extra mile for you, literally, to deliver on my promise, provide the best experience, and photographs.
Trust - Being upfront with you about everything from your experience with me, pricing, and package deliverables. Also, I give you plenty of space and time to ease up in front of my camera. 
Creativity - To create a custom experience for you based on your love story. 
Continues Learning - To educate myself on the latest field photography, people, and places in order to provide the best experience for you.

what I stand for

If you haven’t met me in person yet...hi, I'm Raquel and next to me in that photo is my husband Colton! 👋 We’ve been married since 2018 and are new parents to our baby girl. Besides being crazy in love, we love to cook together, visit local coffee shops, spontaneously adventure to near and far away places, eat late-night snacks, binge-watch TV (to reward ourselves ;) We love our local church, family, our furry cat named Winter, and our friends. A dream of ours is we both want to travel to at least 20 countries by 2026! 

Meet Raquel

Let's capture what makes you smile.

this is where the magic happens