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catalyst co.

an environment where creativity and knowledge meets personal connection, friendship and purpose.

Catalyst was dreamed up after a long conversation on our way to a photo shoot in Sedona. We dreamed about creating spaces where creatives could come together to be a part of the growing community. Whether you are a beginner, hobbiest or full time professional, there is a spot for you. We each have tips and tricks, techniques and knowledge we can contribute to others success.


-Raquel and Colton King

founders of the catalyst co.
colton and Raquel king

raquel king

colton king

Best friends, Creators and Dreamers

Raquel has 10 years of photography background and has turned her dreams of being a full time photographer into a reality. She loves to spend time helping creatives get to their goals quicker by sharing her tips and knowledge from many years in the photography industry.

More than just the 2nd shooter who has grown into an essential part of the wedding day, Colton brings dynamic background in finance, marketing and management to the team. One of his greatest passions is helping people build generational wealth through entrepreneurship and finance management.

our mission is to create spaces for creatives to get encouraged, connected and equipped to take on the new opportunities that lay ahead.

October's shoot was amazing, stay tuned for the next shoot / hangout!