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With over five years of professionally photographing couples, I’ve learned many things that will make your special day special and your investment worthwhile. It truly all comes down to finding the right photographer that shares your creative vision, is comfortable to be around, and who knows your expectations. If you’re that person that’s passionate about the real, raw, and natural moments, then I can promise you, we are the perfect fit! 


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real moments. raw love.

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Congrats by the way! So, you wanna get marry your bestieee, but need a photographer that will embrace your bare-foot beach vision or dance with you and your guests late into the night just to candidly sneak some snaps of them laughing or of you sweetly gazing into your love’s eyes? I’m your day-of bestie!

Choosing your elopement or wedding photographer isn’t easy, especially when there are a lot of great professionals to choose from. Heyyy, all I’m saying is that your photographer needs to understand your expectations, your big dream, and they need to be more of your friend on your special day than a stranger pointing their camera at you. With over five years of photographing genuinely-in-love couples, I’ve learned that the best photographers are those that get to know you wayyy before they pull out their camera to photograph you. 

I truly believe that my process helps me connect with you, understand your vision, and deliver on my promise to offer a custom, lifestyle-like, and candid photo session experience to couples who are undeniably in love and who can’t do life without each other. And, to deliver photographs that will leave timeless and heart-warming memories. If you think we’re a great fit, let’s chat!

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Interested in hiking the mountains together for an epic view for photos, getting some drinks and hanging at the beach for an afternoon or want to cozy up in your home where you spend your life making memories? You name it, I'm there to help you remember this special and precious part of your life. 

I literally have one of the coolest jobs in the universe. Spending time with you and your favorite person gives me so much happiness and fuels my excitement to document YOUR love. The love you get to print, and showcase in your home, share with your family and look back in a decade and remember that season of life so clearly.

we're a good fit if yoU...


We're going to have a great time together. I'm not going to make you stand in stiff positions and make you do uncomfortable things. My sessions are about having a good time, laughing and letting your love shine.


I believe the best photos come from you being yourself. If you are a goofball and want to be silly, so be it, if you are a complete romantic who wants to kiss your lover every 5 minutes, so be it! I'm here for it!


Our session together will be about letting your love shine. If you aren't obsessed with kissing your partner and showing affection, honestly, we are most likely not the best fit. I love couples who aren't afraid to hold back.

Where are you located?

I live in the Phoenix area, but mainly travel out of state for my couples session. There is no place too far for me!

Can you help me with outfits?

I have a what to wear guide I'll send you, I got you!

What is your turn around time?

Truly depends on how busy I am with my schedule during the time of your session, but you can typically expect your session back from me before 2 weeks and your wedding gallery back in less than 5 weeks.

How do payments work?

I will send you a proposal which will include, what package you selected, an invoice and a contract. 

for sessions: 50% to save your date & 50% due the week of the sessions - for weddings: 40% due to save your date, 20% midway to wedding, final 40% payment due the month of your wedding


Do you raw photos?

I'm a believer in hiring a photographer whose work you LOVE which includes the edits that come on the photos. I do not deliver unedited images. 

How long have you been doing photography?

Since 2012, been a passion of mine for a long time!

How many photos will I get?

Every wedding, every session is completely different. The honest answer is that I promise to never withhold photos from you. I take out the ones where you are blinking and the duplicates, but I deliver pretty much everything I document during our time.

What if we need to cancel or rescheudle? 

If you’ve put a retainer down on a date then have to move/cancel it, the retainer is legally non-refundable and a new retainer will have to be made in order to hold your new date.

What if there is bad weather?

I say let's embrace it or if it's to the point where the session would be miserable, I say let's reschedule. A new retainer would not have to be paid if rescheduled within a 30 day window.

Can you alter my body?

I do not offer this in my photography. I believe being documented in your truest form is so liberating. We tend to be hard on ourselves, but I promise you, there are people, including me who know you are perfect the way you are. 


< PRevious


the process

step one

Let's get your date on the calendar! After chatting over the vision for our session, I will send you over a proposal for you to review. I do require a signed contract and retainer for your date. 

Once booked, I will send you my wedding guide, which is jam packed full of my tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding.

I do my best to make your experience as stress free as possible and here to help answer any questions you may have!


step one

The BEST part, the FUN part! Our session or your special day is where we will be having fun as we capture your love story. I want to create memorable experiences for all of my couples and capture them feeling their very best! 

I'm here to be your biggest fan girl and the chillest third wheel. It is 99.99999% possible that we will become great friends!

My style is documentary, and while I always like to photograph candid moments, I am here to help pose you if you need assistance! I balance laughing beside you and fading away to let you two have a moment.


step one

As you wait in suspense, I will send you some sneak peeks to hold you over until your full wedding gallery is perfectly edited.

Once fully edited, I will send you your private, online gallery where you will be able to download high-resolution photos. You can also directly order prints, albums, and wall art featuring your love story!

What's great about this is that you can directly download your photos to any device andddd send your gallery off to your favorite people to be able to enjoy these photos with you two.