Whether you are a new business owner in the photography industry or have been doing photography for years, let me guide and coach you into into a new level of excellence and passion you have been excited to get to.


Wanna learn all the tricks of the trade? It all comes down to being comfortable with your camera, learning to connect with your couples, and helping dreamers bring their vision to life with your creativity, talent, and knowledge of field photography.

If you want to learn to connect with your couples and bring their vision to life, I’d be so happy to mentor you through the process of photography and all it’s tricks. Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the talented mentors in my career, I wouldn’t have gotten this far! 

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Nothing sets my soul on fire than guiding, encouraging, and empowering other creatives to live their best life with confidence doing what they love. 

6. Have a forever friend and hype gal

I'll be the perfect guide to help you learn all the backend of business, tricks of the trade and gain confidence to create beautiful photographs that your clients will love and forever cherish!!! 

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Let’s agree on a time and date that works best for you and we’ll get to learning about back end of business, photography and all that you can do to create beautiful photos, and make your clients happy!

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Once you see all the packages, we’ll talk about what your desires are about photography and what you want to learn from me and my experiences. 

3. Chat about what you desire to learn!

You’ll have a chance to choose from my services. Whether that be a day mentorship program or business coaching.

2. I’ll send you my mentorship packages.

Ready to do this? Go ahead and fill out the contact form–I’ll know you’re interested in connecting and learning about photography.

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Raquel truly has a such a kind hearted and loving soul. She had my guy and I laughing and falling in love all over again during our session. She made us feel sexy, loved, and we couldn't stop laughing. She took her time with us and getting to know us and our golden retriever, Nemo! Our session was everything I dreamed it to be. If you haven’t booked her for one, you NEED too!

“She had my guy and I laughing and falling in love all over again.”

McKenna & Forrest

Raquel and Colton were an absolute highlight of our wedding! When we first started wedding planning, I have to be honest, I was hesitant about photographer prices. But after working with Raquel and Colton and receiving our sneak peeks, I can say with compete certainty how worth their talent is. Everyone says how quickly your wedding day flies by, but it is so true and I am so grateful to have incredible photos to remember every detail of our wedding. Working with Raquel and Colton was like having two more friends hang out with us while we got ready. They were so much fun and fit right in with our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen and made us feel so comfortable.

“I'm so grateful to have incredible photos to remember every detail of our wedding”

Rachel & Matt

Investing in yourself is one thing. Investing in your business is another. But having someone invest in you is even better. Raquel truly takes the time to get to know her clients, educate her self on your work, your background, and all you’ve accomplished thus far. Raquel takes the time to create an action plan for you to work and helps you execute your goals along the way. Raquel was the breathe of fresh air I didn’t know I needed when it came to my business. I’ve always loved learning from other creatives and digging deep into our community....but Raquel was more than extraordinary when it came to me and my business! Y’all we went over Pinterest and a little bit of back end work and my mind is still just blown with the information I took home. 15/10 would recommend this boss babe! Thank you again for helping my travel dreams come true! Your the blessing I’ll forever be thanking God for!

"Raquel takes the time to create an action plan for you to work and help you execute your goals."