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Here is what you need to know when you want capture your surprise proposal:


How to hire a photographer for a proposal without your fiancé knowing and things to consider: 

  • Have your family member reach out to a photographer, so you aren’t communicating with a photographer (that way, your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t catch on) 
  • Location: Where do you want the proposal to be? It’s so much more meaningful when the person who is proposing has preferences on location and how they want it done.
  • Time: What time of day? In the morning you have all day to celebrate. If you do it at night you can celebrate over a nice and romantic dinner with just you two or have friends and family celebrate with you two. 

Many proposals I’ve done — I’ve worked with the family to set up a specific location of where they will be. 

I have been incognito and there are times I pretend to be a bystander and then…

“Shaba gets!!!!” — Whips out a camera and gets a proposal. 

They wouldn’t even know what hit them, except the fact that the love of their lives is proposing to them… while I capture those moments. 

Just remember to not overstress it, and have fun!

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