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Why you need to bring multiple outfits to a photo shoot.


So you found the perfect outfit for your photo shoot, but now you have tons of photos in that one outfit. That’s why I recommend bringing multiple outfits to any shoot!

  • You will have many different types of styles in your photos all in one session without having to schedule another photoshoot.
  • An outfit might not work with the weather. It was supposed to be warm and sunny, and all of a sudden it gets cold and gloomy (you want to make sure you have an outfit that could work).

  • And if you accidentally spill something or get a stain on your clothing you have an extra outfit to put on! You never know what could happened!

This is also the time to grab that fun outfit you’ve been wanting to wear but don’t have anywhere to wear and get your photos taken in it! — Because why not?!

Let me help recommend what photographs best and some of my personal favorites to bring to our shoot together! 

Engagement Outfit Style Guide