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South Congress Hotel // Chris and Phebe


What a beautiful day this was. Chris and Phebe’s wedding was not only so Elegant, Christian, and Delicate, but it was also filled with lots of people who were close and knew one another.

It’s weddings like this that are filled with such amazing people that make it so fun!

Colton and I photographed their proposal in Lake Tahoe in 2020, and they asked us to photograph their wedding in Texas. Which I was SO EXCITED for… because your girl loves to travel, especially when it’s for capturing weddings.

They flew us down, lodged us in the beautiful South Congress Hotel, and took really good care of us; with sweet gifts and snack boxes (like who doesn’t like getting food as a gift?!).

We were so blessed by their hospitality!!

Chris and Phebe really felt like The South Congress Hotel fit their vibe of who they are and wanted people to feel that. And let me tell you, they succeeded in that. The venue was amazing, and the details the venue had were absolutely spectacular.

They also surrounded themself with all their favorite people and wanted photos taken before the ceremony. Just because they wanted to spend as much time with their wedding guests as possible! I LOVED THAT!

This is a great reminder to any future couples getting married — Do and incorporate what is important to you!

All the conversations during cocktail hour and the reception were so wholesome and everyone at this wedding was so kind and sweet! Not mention how inviting and welcoming everyone was. Made us feel like we weren’t just there to take photos, but we were a part of sharing this wonderful day with the bride and groom.

I think one of the sweetest moments I captured during this day was when the guests prayed over the bride and groom. It’s so nice to see that their marriage was starting with all the people they love most — surrounding them with prayer.

If I could say what the funniest memory at Chris and Phebe’s wedding, it would have to be when the kitchen was on fire late in their receptions, and everyone (including everyone in the wedding) in the hotel had to evacuate the building.

And instead of letting that ruin the night, we needed up getting photos by the fire truck!

Now that’s a fun way to finish off an amazing wedding day!

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Shoutout to all the vendors that made this day so wonderful!

Location: South Congress Hotel, Austin, TX

Bride & Groom: @phebeyoncepetsch + @petschchris 

Venue: @southcongresshotel

Florist: @mercibouquetdesign

Videographers: @mikeloandlindsey 

Hair & Makeup: @beautyxerinbrown

Dress: @Loversxsociety @Lovelybride @Lovelybridehouston

Groom suit: Suit – @indochino 

Invitations: @zola @lovelybride 

Veil – Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge @untamedpetals

Earrings – A.B. Ellie @a.b.ellie

Ring: grandmothers @holdenrings

Gloves – Carlie Roberson @Carlieroberson

Brides Pajama Set – Sleeper @daily_sleeper

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