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  1. Take photos at the place you had your first date / place you met!

Start your photo shoot at a location that means something important to you two! Fun photos at a coffee shop, shopping mall or bar. We can have fun with it, these are your photos and what better way to remember that then in your photos?!

Then head to a second location more remote and distant to get some more formal/ traditional photos!

2. Bring multiple outfits!

I recommend one casual and one more dressy! It’s nice to have a variety of photos in your gallery. A set with jeans and a cute top allows for more playful movement and having a nicer set with a dress or skirt is a fun way to get dressed up and document you two in a nicer piece.

3. Music!

Communicate with your photographer your favorite type of music or send them your favorite curated playlist to jam out to during your session. Music helps to take your mind off of the session and allows everyone to bond over funny dance moves!

4. Can’t go wrong with props!

Bring some items to incorporate into photos! Bikes, picnic, champagne, blankets, to just name a few things that give you two things to do as an activity and makes for a great photo opt!

5. Bring your fur babes!

They are part of the family, why not bring them! Whether you take photos with them the entire time or maybe bring them out for the first 20 minutes, documenting your animals are such a sweet reminder of what they looked like during this time.

Below is a fun Valentine’s Day photo shoot I did with Alex & Britt at Target!

Who said photos can’t be fun?!

Let me help recommend what photographs best and some of my personal favorites to bring to our shoot together! 

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