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7 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding From a Wedding Photographer


1. Hiring a coordinator, especially someone who specializes in weddings will help your day run so smooth! A day of coordinator is a wonderful option, but if you can swing a full service wedding planner that is golden! Wedding planning is a huge time commitment, from booking all your vendors, making sure you have all your supplies and decor for your venue purchased, spending hours working out details, and the probably thousands of other small things that go into planning a your special day. They help take a lot of things off your plate and communicate with your vendors so you don’t have a ton of emails coming in from a million different directions.

Featured below in a Colorado wedding I did, Wanda with Blue Linden, highly recommend, amazing team! Compass Rose Floral is an event florist that rents high end faux flower arrangements at a fraction of the cost, as shown below! Wedding took place at Blackstone Rivers Ranch I love this venue because of all the thoughtful touches they put into their venue, such as two suites for the couple and their party to get ready in, outdoor bar area for cocktail hour, a bonfire area to light at the end of the night for guest, big tent for reception to be sure you stay warm at night in the Colorado late night temperatures.

2. Book an engagement shoot with your wedding photographer (even if you already had them done). You will feel more comfortable and calm knowing what it’s like being in front of that person and their camera. You get the opportunity to build chemistry with that person and will help make the big day feel that much more fun.

3. Share the family shot list with your immediate family. Let them know when the family photos will be and be sure to communicate that if there are shots they want that aren’t on the list, we can absolutely get them at the reception too. We’re here to capture your day and want your family to feel like VIPs, so feel free to have them find one of the photographers to get any additional shots they want.

4. Have florals delivered a little early. Better to error on being early than being late. Often times photographers start with detail photos first, if your florals haven’t made it to your location, your invitation suite and details might be photographed without the floral pieces (and florals really do elevate detail photos!)

5. Practice bustling your gown. Every dress is unique in its own way. Having someone who has practiced bustling it and knows where the hooks are will help the process go quicker when it’s time!

6. Get plenty of sleep the night before! Cut the caffeine the afternoon before so you have no trouble sleeping and give yourself time time to wind down before bed instead of just getting to the point of exhaustion and crashing. You’ll fell less stressed, and more prepared the next day.

7. Break in your wedding shoes. Especially if they are new — you will thank me later and so will your feet! A fun trend is also to bring a more comfortable pair of shoes to dance the night away in!

Let me help recommend what photographs best and some of my personal favorites to bring to our shoot together! 

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